High quality Superachromatic Waveplate supply by CRYSMIT OPTICS

Time:2018-06-22 10:51

Crysmit' Superachromatic Waveplates offer extremely flat quarter-wave or half-wave retardance over a broadband range of 600 - 2700 nm.
Based on the design by Crysmit engineer, each consists of three quartz and three magnesium fluoride (MgF2) plates that are optically cemented to maximize transmission and carefully aligned to minimize the wavelength dependence of the retardance. Compared to other wave plates, superachromatic wave plates offer significantly flatter retardance over a significantly broader range. The plots to the right compare them to achromatic wave plates, the closest equivalent optics.


• Accurate Retardance Over a Super Broadband Range of 325-1100nm and 600 - 2700nm.
• D10.0 mm Clear Aperture
• Six-Element, Optically Cemented Design


RetardationHalf waveplate or Quarter waveplate
Wavelength Ranges325-1100nm or 600-2700nm
Surface Quality20/10 S/D
Parallelism<3 arc sec
Wave Front Distortionλ/8@633nm
Damage Threshold0.5 J/cm^2 (1064 nm, 10 ns, 10 Hz, Ø1 mm)
CoatingAR coating@wavelength range
Mounter25.4mm (1 inch) Anodized Alumimium Mounter

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