Overview of Testing Instruments

Advanced coating technology

CRYSMIT can supply various Anti-Reflective Coatings, High Reflective Coating, Partial Reflective Coating, Polarization Beamsplitter Coating,etc and We are well experienced in high threshold damage laser coating.

Precision Metrology Instruments

CRYSMIT has Verifire™ laser Interferometer system provides fast and reliable measurements of surface form error, and transmitted wavefront of optical components, systems and assemblies.

UV Visible Spectrophotometer

CRYSMIT has compact spectrometers with versatile performance covering UV, Visible and NIR wavelengths are available for multiple applications in Research, OEM and Process solutions.

Precision Goniometer

CRYSMIT has precise universal angle measurement equipment; It can be used to measure the angles of prisms, polyhedra, optical wedges, windows, and other plane optical component.

Optical Centering Instrument

CRYSMIT has lens centering instrument for High-precision centration test devices, alignment, cementing and bonding systems application.

Retardation Measuring Instrument

CRYSMIT has precision retardation measuring instrument to ensure Retardation and Retardation Tolerance accuracy of waveplates.

Disco Dicing Machines

CRYSMIT 's advanced Disco Dicing Machines provides a excellent solution for ultrathin and Micro sized optical products.

Production Workshop

CRYSMIT has five production Lines include Spherical Workshop,Cylindrical Workshop Flat Workshop,Crystal Workshop and Coating Workshop.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

CRYSMIT 's ultrasonic cleaning a excellent solution for efficient production and ultra clean optical products.

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